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Free Electrical Estimates

Please feel free to call our in-office electrician in Mesa AZ Monday thru Friday, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, for free electrical Estimates. Our local Mesa electricians are happy to answer any questions you may have, provide you with the information you’re looking for and give you a free estimate over the telephone for most any electrical job.

Free estimates

Why We Offer Free Electrical Estimates

Many electrical contractors don’t want to provide you with a free estimate over the telephone. They insist that they need to drive out to inspect the job and charge you for the estimate or offer you a free estimate but charge you a traveling expense. Others are more creative sales experts; willing to apply the fees associated with the estimate as a credit against the final bill once you sign the contract.

Dolce Electric Co does not operate in this manor! We never have and never will charge you for an estimate with the goal of obligating you to except it so you can recoup the expense of the estimate.

We do have 2 goals however:

  • We want to be the electricians you choose for this job because of our qualifications, superior workmanship, honest pricing and lifetime parts and labor guarantee. We offer a free home safety inspection with all services too.
  • This is the more important of the 2 goals, we want to be the electricians that you refer and remember to call in the future for all of your electrical services. We have been voted best electrician Mesa AZ and we would be proud to earn your vote too.


Dolce Electric Co schedules local in-office Mesa AZ electricians that homeowners and businesses can call for a 100% free estimate. Since 1999 we have been growing our business one satisfied customer at a time. Call us today during normal business hours; you’ll be happy you did!

We Provide Free Estimates For All Kinds Of Electrical Work Including:

Appliance circuits

Dedicated circuits

Dryer outlets

Electric vehicle chargers

Outlet installations

Tankless Electric Water Heaters

Dolce Electric Co staffs in-office electricians Mesa AZ homeowners and businesses can call for a free estimate. We provide free estimates for the common requests above and all other electrical installations.
If your job is fixing a power loss to a particular outlet, fixture, room or piece of equipment we will need to troubleshoot the electrical circuit and will not be able to provide you with a free estimate. Our in-office electricians in Mesa will however ask you to try resetting circuit breakers and GFCI outlets before scheduling an appointment. Roughly 25% of all service calls can be avoided by doing this first. See our electrical tips page for more do it yourself help.

How Does Dolce Electric Co Provide Phone Estimates For Service Panel Upgrades And Other Jobs?

Experience has a lot to do with it; first we listen to you. We want you to describe your project and tell us what the objective of the project is, we’ll be taking notes. After you finish describing your project our local Mesa electricians might have a few simple questions for you, like the square footage of your home and some other general question, so they can give you a rough estimate. You may have some questions too and then if you want to move forward we’ll send out an electrician to look the job over and verify that neither of us has missed any details. Our local electricians in Mesa will provide you with a firm written bid and upon acceptance, every effort will be made to schedule the job at a time that works well for you.

Electric Car Charger Estimates

Some electric car charger installations cost as little as $500 in all. There are 4 main factors that determine the cost:

  • How far your main electrical panel is from your garage or carport?
  • How much power your charger requires?
  • What make of ground fault circuit breaker will be needed?
  • Does your main electrical panel have enough space and power available?


Our local Mesa electricians will answer any questions that you may have and provide you with a rough estimate over the phone. At your request, we’ll schedule an appointment to verify that your panel has ample power available to support the charger. We’ll provide you with a firm bid in writing and schedule the job at a time that works for you.

Are There Times When A Free Estimate Cannot Be Provided?

Power losses can be caused by numerous reasons so we will need to do some on site troubleshooting of your electrical system to locate the problem. We charge for this service because we pay our electricians for their work and time. Typically about a half hour to an hour will be needed to locate the problem. In many cases the repair can been made in this time but if the problem is more extensive we will give you a written bid before going any further.

Many times a power loss is caused by a loose connection and finding it can take longer than actually fix it. In fact the electrician may not be able to verify that the problem is a loose connection until it’s tightened and the power is restored.

Why Doesn’t Dolce Electric Co Estimate Troubleshooting Work?

The symptom of something not working is merely a starting point; it doesn’t tell us what the problem is or what’s involved in fixing it.

Let’s assume that the light in your pool no longer works:

  • It could be a bad light bulb, circuit breaker, switch or GFCI outlet which would require a small amount of labor to replace and a reasonable inexpensive part.
  • It could be that the wires in the circuit have shorted out in the conduit, here we would need to pull new wires and that would be more expensive than replacing a switch.
  • It could be that the underground conduit is broken or rusted out and the wires are damaged. This could mean saw cutting the cool deck, digging up the damaged conduit, repairing the conduit, pulling new wires and patching the cool deck. This would be a bigger expense still.


As you can see the symptom doesn’t tell us much and we will need to do some on site troubleshooting to determine the problem. Our local electricians in Mesa are experts at troubleshooting; they will figure out where the problem is and in most cases have it fixed an hour. If it’s determined that the problem is more involved our Mesa electricians will provide you with a written bid before going any further.

How Is A Bid Different From An Estimate?

Our local in-office electrician will provide you with a free over the phone estimate (without looking the job over) for electrical installations like recessed lighting installations or service panel upgrades. He will answer all of your questions and then if you find the estimate to be acceptable he will schedule an appointment to walk the job with you and go over the details. This step is crucial because we make sure nothing has been overlooked and that we deliver exactly what you want. You will be presented with a detailed description of the proposed work order and an exact price to complete the job without any additional charges or expenses to you.

How Can I Get A Free Estimate Today?

It’s Simple, just call or local Mesa electricians at (480) 434-0777 and ask for a free estimate; you’ll be happy you did!