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Electrical Panel Upgrade, Replacement, Installation And Repair Service

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Electrical Panel Upgrade And Repair Service

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Electrical panel upgrade installation used for replacement of old fuse box service

Do I Need An Electrical Panel Replacement Or Should I Repair It?

Maybe and maybe not. All too often the recommendation for a home electrical panel upgrade is unnecessarily made. Obstacles like not having enough space for new circuits can be cost effectively addressed with a sub-panel installation. Tandem circuit breakers (sometimes called piggy back circuit breakers) can also be used to create additional space. Other panels experiencing problems just need a little routine maintenance. Tightening connections and updating components can often make them as good as new and return peak performance. An electrical panel repair or updating components can be a cost effective solution under the right circumstances.

There Are 4 Good Reasons To Consider A New Installation Or Upgrade:

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More power is needed to meet your energy demands:

Adding a hot tub, a tankless water heater or room addition can increase your electrical demand above the capabilities of your current electrical panel. Charging stations for electric vehicles can increase power consumption as much as 50 amps at 220 volts. Converting your stove, oven, water heater and clothes dryer from natural gas to electric will also increase electrical demand. When more power is needed to meet your electrical demands the only option is upgrading electric service.

Your existing service panel is damaged, burned or rusted beyond repair:

Depending on the extent of the damage your panel has endured, it may be repairable and it may not. Always get the advice of a qualified electrician to see if your panel can be updated or repaired before deciding to get an electric panel replacement. If your existing panel is damaged, burned or rusted beyond repair, a new electrical panel installation will be needed. Electrical service upgrades (a larger size panel) can be considered when a new electric panel installation is the only option. A larger size panel will increase cost minimally but provide additional space and make more electrical power available.

You have fuses instead of circuit breakers in your box:

An electrical panel replacement is not required simple because your main service panel is a fuse box. Fuses are just as safe as circuit breakers but they can be a nuisance because once they have “blown” they need to be replaced. Circuit breakers, on the other hand, are user friendly because they can simply be reset. A fuse box will always be older and that’s where the possible need for an electrical panel replacement can arise. If your fuse box is worn, unsafe, failing or damaged, a fuse box upgrade should be considered. If your fuse box is safe and working fine, there is no need for an electrical panel replacement.

Your circuit breakers are old, expensive and need repair or replacement:

Sometimes you will have the option to upgrade electrical panel parts. Older panels made by manufacturers like FPE (A.K.A. “Stab-Lok®”), Zinsco and Pushmatic still have circuit breakers available but they are extremely expensive. Furthermore, these panels have been discontinued because they are unreliable and in some cases have been deemed unsafe. If your circuit breakers are old, expensive and need replacing, an electrical panel upgrade usually makes better financial sense. It will provide greater long-term reliability too.

If you are interested in an electrical panel upgrade, Dolce Electric Co schedules an in-office electrician Mesa AZ homeowners can consult with free of charge. Our in-office electrician in Mesa AZ will answer all of your questions and provide you with an appointment to review your electrical panel installation job. Free estimate are available for this service.

More About Service Upgrades And Panel Electrical Installations

The first thing that needs to be done when upgrading is to verify the location of the service panel upgrade. This is something that needs to be approved by the power company (A.P.S. or S.R.P.). You can call them up and tell them you are going to have a service upgrade done.

They will send out a field designer to verify that your chosen location will be approved. This service is provided free of charge with all new panels and upgrades. This is an important step because the power company needs to have access to the power meter. Your current location may no longer give them the access that they require. Take advantage of this free service. If they do not approve a new panel installation after it has been installed in an unverified location, it will have to be moved.

All fuse and circuit breaker box replacements require a permit that is issued by the city. Dolce Electric Company will obtain the necessary permit and coordinate all required inspections with the city building inspectors and the power company’s inspectors. The permit fee is included in the free estimate that we will provide you with for doing your panel installation.

We always recommend adding whole house surge protection when providing these services. A whole house surge protector insulates all the electronic devices and appliances in your home from damaging power spikes and surges. Ask your electrician for more information at the time of your free estimate or see the link below.

Every service our Mesa electricians provide, whether it’s replacing a fuse box or installing a new electric panel, comes with our lifetime parts and labor guarantee. You deserve the peace of mind in hiring the electricians in Mesa that customers like you have voted best.

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