Main Circuit Breakers, Keeps Tripping Off, Update

Siemens QN2200RH 200 Amp Circuit Breaker

Is your main circuit breaker tripping? Do you have questions about replacing main circuit breakers? You can consult with our local in-office Mesa electricians free of charge. Dolce Electric Co has scheduled a local in-office electrician in Mesa AZ from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM today, Wednesday, March 27th, 2019. He will answer all of your questions about why your main circuit breaker keeps tripping and provide you with the information you are looking for.

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Main Circuit Breaker Replacing Service

The main electrical circuit breaker in your panel is the safety device that protects your electrical panel from overloading. It also acts as the means of turning on and off all the incoming power to your home. If it fails a new one will be required to replace the existing one to get your power restored.

Main breakers are typically located above the rest of the smaller breakers in your panel but can be located in the center on some models. They come in several different sizes but the most common is 200 amps. Other sizes include 150 amps, 125 amps, 100 amps and 60 amps. Some are bolted into place and others slide or snap in like smaller breakers. When replacing these breakers it is important to pay attention to the circuit breaker sizing and also the make or manufacture. They are not interchangeable and only an exactly matched part will fit.

Dolce Electric Co has a large inventory of circuit breakers in stock and on our trucks. We carry the hard to find, older replacement parts that can take days to get delivered too. If you think you need your main breaker replaced, give our local in-office Mesa AZ electricians a call. They will ask you a few questions to verify that your breaker needs replacing and insure an exactly matched part is on hand. They will get you an appointment to restore your power within an hour or two.

Free over the phone help is available. Dolce Electric Co schedules a local electrician Mesa AZ homeowners can consult with during normal business hours. He will ask you a few questions to verify that your main breaker needs replacing and confirm that the required replacement part is on hand. Dolce Electric Co has a large inventory of main breakers, including the older and hard to find models. Our local electricians in Mesa can be dispatched to your home 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call now and get your power restored soon.

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