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Swimming Pool With Water FeaturesAre you experiencing an electrical problem with your swimming pool wiring? Dolce Electric Company schedules an electrician Mesa AZ homeowners can call and consult with free of charge. Our in-office electrician in Mesa AZ has over 30 years of professional experience with all kinds of swimming pool electrical wiring and will answer all of your questions. Our local Mesa Electricians are available today, Wednesday, May 27th, 2020, from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

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Pools and Electrical Wiring

There are two primary methods of swimming pool wiring and our electricians have vast experience with both. Underground pool circuits are the most common method with above ground or exposed conduit being the alternative. In some cases a combination of both will be used.

Each method has its place but both have their respective strong and weak points making each susceptible to different problems and failures.

Underground Electrical Conduit and Wiring

Chances are that underground pool wiring was installed when your pool was first built. It’s ideal because the conduit is hidden making it the preferred method of wiring swimming pools for homeowners who want to keep their homes free of exposed pipes. It does however have one major drawbacks if it was not installed correctly.

Rusted Out Electrical Conduit For Pool Equipment WiresConduit Decay

The number one problem that occurs with underground wiring for swimming pools is conduit decay or rusting out. It’s simple to check for, just shovel away a small amount of dirt where the conduit first goes into the ground and on the other side where it comes out of the ground and check for deterioration. If you see it in either place you can bet it has also happened further beneath the surface and may even be worse.

The conduits job is to protect the wires from the elements of nature and other kinds of potential damage. If you are checking for this, your wires may already be damaged and you could be experiencing short circuiting. In these cases the only option is to contact a qualified pool electrician to replace the underground conduit and wiring.

Conduit Replacement

Electrical Panel With Timer, Wireless Receiver and Pool Pump WiringIf you determine that your underground electrical conduit has rusted out and a conduit replacement is needed you have two options being either rigid steel pipe or PVC pipe for your underground conduit replacement. Again both have their respective strong points and weak points.

Underground Rigid Steel Conduit:

Today, in-ground and above ground pool electrical requirements mandate that underground rigid steel conduit is wrapped with corrosion resistant PVC pipe protection tape, also referred to as 20 millimeter PVC tape. This thick layer of protection insulates the conduit from corrosion guaranteeing a much longer life span. Electrical codes for swimming pools also mandate that underground rigid metallic electrical conduits are buried at a minimum of 8 inches below the surface.

Strong Points to Underground Rigid Steel Conduit:

  • Electrical swimming pool grounding is vital for safety and steel conduits provide additional electrical pool grounding where PVC conduits provide no grounding because they have no conductive value.
  • Steel conduits are buried at a lesser depth than PVC which means less labor is involved for digging.
  • Steel is much stronger than PVC, if you accidentally dig where a steel conduit is you won’t break it.

Drawbacks to Underground Rigid Steel Conduit:

  • Rigid steel pipe is much more expensive than PVC.
  • Rigid steel conduits must be wrapped in 20 millimeter pipe protection tape increasing labor and material costs.
  • Rust can still compromise the integrity of rigid steel from the inside where PVC will never rust.

Underground PVC Conduit:

The other option and least expensive of the two is underground PVC conduit. Electrical requirements for swimming pools mandate it to be buried at a minimum of 18 inches below the surface but no protective tape is required for corrosion. A transition will be required to rigid steel with protective tape when going from beneath the surface to above (no PVC conduit above ground except for the flexible pool pump wiring attached to the motor for vibrations).

Strong Points to Underground PVC:

  • PVC will never rust, it’s not metallic.
  • PVC costs less than rigid steel conduit.
  • No added costs associated with protective tape.

Drawbacks to Underground PVC:

  • PVC has no conductive or grounding value.
  • PVC has to be buried at a greater depth than rigid steel conduit for safety according to the electrical code.
  • PVC can be damaged when digging where steel is much more durable.

When a conduit replacement is required PVC will always cost less and last longer than rigid steel.

Above Ground Wiring Installations

Pool electrical wiring problems are not nearly as common in above ground conduits as in underground conduits but all of the same problems can occur with above ground conduits and wiring.

Above ground conduit can be a cost effective solution if a conduit replacement is needed. The pool electrical requirements and codes remain the same but often times these conduits can be neatly tucked in just above the ground, on the foundation, just below the stucco or brick. Above ground conduits will always be in a metallic conduit which adds to the electrical pool grounding.

Above ground conduits will almost always cost less to install than underground because no digging is required which saves a lot in labor expenses. In many cases a combination of above and underground conduit will be utilized for additional savings.

Swimming Pool Timer, Electrical Box and Pump Filter Time Clock Replacement

For more information about replacing the electrical conduit and wiring for your pool equipment you can consult with our local Mesa AZ electricians free of charge. Voted best electricians Mesa AZ, they are available today, Wednesday, May 27th, 2020, during business hours. They will answer all of your questions and provide you with a free estimate for a professional installation. Give them a call today during regular office hours; you will be happy you did!

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