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Flickering Lights, Common Causes And How To Fix Them

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Lights Flickering On and Off

Lights that flicker on and off are one of the most common lighting problems. Flickering lights can be caused by a number of electrical problems which we will go through below. The first thing to identify is where the problem is at. You may be experiencing a persistent flicker at a single fixture, in just one room, in several rooms or about half of your home.

Flickering lights, problems with fluorescent and incandescent fixtures
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The Most Common Causes Of Lights That Flicker

Switch Failing:

Look for a bad switch when the flickering lights are controlled by a single switch. All of the light fixtures controlled by that switch should be experiencing a simultaneous flicker. If flickering lights are present in multiple rooms or are controlled by more than one switch the problem will be something more than a switch failing and an electrician may be needed.

Loose Connection:

A loose connection can be the source of an on and off flicker in just one room or in multiple rooms. If only some of the light fixtures controlled by a single switch are dimming or blinking, the loose connection is probably above or behind one of the light fixtures. If multiple locations controlled by separate switches experience a simultaneous flicker, the loose connection may be found in the incoming power wires that supply the switches and lighting with electricity. Both the hot and neutral wires will need to be checked for loose connections. This should be done by an individual that has experience with electrical wiring or you can contact our electricians in Mesa AZ for assistance.

A Failing Circuit Breaker:

This will typically not be the case if only one room has flickering lights. A circuit breaker will usually supply power to numerous light switches throughout a home or office. Check for a failing circuit breaker if multiple areas have a lighting flicker. Also check that the connections at the neutral bar are tight. This should be done by a person that has circuit breaker replacement experience or contact our Mesa electricians for help.

Incoming Power:

A blinking, dimming or on and off flicker through roughly half of your home or office can indicate a problem with the incoming power. This can include a possible failing main circuit breaker, a problem with the electric meter or the power being delivered from the electric utility company. In some cases you may notice a flicker only on windy days. This can happen to homes and offices where the power wires are coming in overhead to the power panel and a loose connection is present where the power company’s wires connect to your main power wires. Do not attempt repairs yourself under these circumstances unless you have professional experience with main electrical power distribution. There is a high risk of electrocution because the power cannot be shut down with a circuit breaker.

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Fluorescent Fixture Problems and Fixes

Annoying as it is, a single fluorescent light flickering on and off is not a sign of a major electrical problem and in most cases the problem can be found at the fixture itself. While it’s possible that more than one fixture can experience problems at the same time, remember that they have been used about the same amount of time. Much like the four tires on your car, your fluorescent fixtures are experiencing an equal amount of wear and tear.

About Fluorescent Lighting Problems

Bulbs Flicker When They Are First Turned On:

This is normal, especially in garages on colder days. Wait a few moments for the bulbs to warm up and see if the fluorescent fixture comes up to fully brilliance.

Fluorescent Lights Flickering and Don’t Turn On Fully:

Flickering fluorescent lights can be caused by two possibilities:

  1. The Bulbs Need Replacing: If your fluorescent bulbs are black or getting dark on the edges try replacing those fluorescent light bulbs with new ones.
  2. The Ballast Needs Replacing: If your bulbs look good or if you have replaced them with new ones and it didn’t fix the problem, you may need a ballast replacement. A fluorescent fixture that is experiencing ballast failure can only be fixed with a ballast replacement or by installing an entirely new light fixture. Failing ballasts will sometimes be leaking out a black fluid or start making a humming noise. Replacing your fluorescent ballast will require the ability to read, understand and follow the directions of the electrical wiring schematic drawings.

Dolce Electric Co has electricians Mesa AZ businesses and homeowners can call for help with flickering lights. Our electricians in Mesa are experts at troubleshooting loose connections, installing replacement ballasts and replacing failing circuit breakers. If you have a lighting problem and would like to know more about how we can help you, give our in-office electrician in Mesa a call at (480) 434-0777.