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Are you experiencing electrical power problems in your home or office? Dolce Electric Co schedules an in-office electrician Mesa AZ homeowners and businesses can call and consult with free of charge about electrical wiring problems. Our local in-office electrician in Mesa AZ is an expert at troubleshooting power losses and wiring. He might be able clear up the issue with you over the phone and save you the cost of a service call.

Our local Mesa electricians are available to take your call and answer your questions from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM, Monday thru Friday. Give them a call today; you will be happy you did!

Troubleshooting home power outlet circuit wiring

Circuit Wiring Problems

Power losses can affect a single electrical outlet, an entire electrical wiring circuit and on larger scales half of or even all of the power in your home or office. Identifying exactly how much of your power is effected is the first step in resolving the problem.

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Repairing Outlets:

About 25% of all electrical outlet problems can be corrected by following these safe and simple steps.

Step A – Check for a tripped circuit breaker:

  • If a tripped breaker is found, try resetting it.
  • If the breaker resets, check to see if your electricity has been restored. If your electricity is restored you are done and you probably accidentally overloaded the circuit.
  • If the breaker has been reset and you still do not have electricity continue to step B.
  • If the breaker will not reset continue to step C.

Step B – Check for a tripped GFCI outlet:

  • If a tripped GFCI outlet is found, try resetting it. Be sure to do step “A” first because a GFCI outlet will not reset if its circuit breaker is tripped or off. Visit our page about GFCI outlets for more information.
  • If the GFCI outlet resets, check to see if your power has been restored. If it is restored you are done.
  • If the GFCI outlet will not reset continue to step C.

Step C – Verify which outlets have no power and unplug everything from those outlets:

  • You are doing this to separate possible home electrical wiring problems from a possible problem with something that is plugged in.
  • Once completed continue to step D.

Step D – Try resetting the tripped circuit breaker that would not reset in step A:

  • If the breaker resets and your electricity is restored the problem is with something that was plugged into one of the outlets, not your electrical wiring. You will need to figure out what was plugged in that made the breaker trip and repair or replace that device.
  • If your breaker resets but your electricity is still not restored continue to step E.
  • If the breaker still will not reset do not attempt to reset more than once, you can do additional damage and increase the size and cost of the repair. You will need to contact our in-office electrician at this point.

Step E – Try resetting the GFCI outlet that would not reset earlier in step B:

If the GFCI outlet resets and your electricity is restored the problem is with something that was plugged into the circuit. You will need to figure out which plugged in device made the GFCI outlet trip and either repair or replace it.
If your GFCI outlet has been reset but you still do not have your electricity restored or you cannot get your GFCI outlet to reset you will need to contact our in-office electrician for further assistance.

If you need help with this, Dolce Electric Company schedules electricians Mesa AZ homeowners and businesses can call for free over the phone help during regular business hours. They will answer all of your questions about electrical outlet problems and get you the professional information that you are looking for.

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About Half Of My Home Or Office Has No Power:

This can be caused by several different things but the issue is with the main power.
The most common cause of this type of power problem is a failing main circuit breaker. When a main circuit breaker fails it will not allow all of the power to flow through it and into the panel, which supplies all of the other circuit breakers with electricity. In most cases, half of the breaker will stop working leaving you with only half of your power. When this happens a main circuit breaker replacement will be necessary to correct your power outage and fully restore your electricity.

Other causes can include:

  • A failing electric meter
  • A loose connection between the electric meter and the main breaker
  • A partial power loss from the power company


For more help contact our in-office electricians in Mesa AZ free of charge. With a little information they will be able to tell you exactly what the problem is and how to get it fixed.

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My Power Is Not Working At All:

When all of your electricity stops working it is usually going to be an issue that the utility company is experiencing.

All of my power is out, here is what you can do:

  1. See if your neighbors have electricity, if their power is out too let the utility company know that you are experiencing a power outage.
  2. If the homes and businesses around you have electricity and yours does not, check to make sure that your main circuit breaker is turned on. If it is off or tripped, try resetting it back to the on position. If it resets your power will be restored but if your main breaker will not reset it is either worn out or damaged and a replacement will be needed. You can consult with our local Mesa AZ electricians free of charge if you are having trouble with your main breaker.
  3. If your main breaker is turned on but you still do not have any electricity check to make sure all of your smaller circuit breakers are turned on. If they are tripped or in the off position try resetting them. For more help with this visit our page about resetting circuit breakers or contact our in-office electrician for assistance.
  4. If your neighbors have electricity but you do not and all of your circuit breakers are turned on, it is safe to say that the electricity is not getting to your home or office. You will need to call the utility company to get your electricity restored.
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Power Surges and Spikes:

A power surge or spike is a sudden and sharp increase in electrical current or voltage. The difference between a surge and a spike is that a power surge, by definition, last for 3 nanoseconds (billionths of a second) or longer while a spike lasts for 2 nanoseconds or less. Both are capable of doing significant damage to your wiring and circuit breakers along with computers, appliances, electronic devices and LED lighting inside of your home or office.

Power surges can be caused by a variety of different things. The most familiar cause is a lightning strike but it is also the least common cause of surges. More common are the types of surges that are caused by the switching on and off of high consumption electrical appliances like air conditioning units and refrigerators. These types of appliances pull huge amounts of electricity when they first switch on. This switching on and off can create somewhat unnoticed, yet very damaging power issues because they continually disrupt the steady flow of electricity through the electrical wiring system.

While these types of internal surges can be severe enough to damage the electronics in your home or office; they do not have the single event destructive capabilities that cause electrical circuit problems like lightning strikes can. On the other hand, these types of internal surges are frequent and regular, slowing doing gradual damage to electronics and shortening their life expectancy. Visit our whole house surge protection page for information about protecting your home or office from power surges.

For more help with any electrical power issues that you may be experiencing, call our local in-office electrician in Mesa. He is an expert at troubleshooting and will answer all of your questions and provide you with the solutions you are looking for.