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Do you have a circuit breaker that is tripped or keeps shutting down? If yes, you can consult with our local Mesa electricians free of charge. Dolce Electric Co has scheduled electricians Mesa AZ homeowners and businesses can get free over the phone help from today, Wednesday, March 27th, 2019, during normal business hours. Our scheduled in-office electrician in Mesa AZ will answer all of your questions about why your circuit breaker keeps tripping along with questions about other circuit breaker problems and assist you if your circuit breaker won’t reset.

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There are 3 reasons why a circuit breaker keeps tripping:

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Your circuit breakers have just one very important job, to protect the wiring inside your home from overheating and possibly start a fire. If you have a breaker that keeps shutting down there is definitely a reason why and the services of a good electrician may be required.

Each circuit breaker has a maximum amount of current (amperage) it will allow to pass through it and each wire has a limited safe amount of current it can deliver without heating up. This relationship is a vital safeguard and properly sizing the breaker with the attached wire is essential. Never install a larger breaker to correct the problem if your breaker keeps shutting down or will not reset; you could start an electrical fire.

If you are experiencing circuit breaker problems or your breaker will not reset, give our in-office electrician in Mesa a call for some free over the phone help. Dolce Electric Company has scheduled a local electrician Mesa AZ homeowners can consult with between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM today, Wednesday, March 27th, 2019. He will guide you through a few safe but important steps that may fix your problem before recommending that a troubleshooting electrician is dispatched.

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