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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits And Wiring Problems

Did you know that about 25% of all home electrical troubleshooting service calls can be avoided with some free professional guidance from our in-office electricians?

Dolce Electric Co schedules both commercial and residential electrical troubleshooting electricians Mesa AZ homeowners and businesses can consult with free of charge.  Our Mesa AZ electricians have many years of professional experience with troubleshooting electrical circuits. They will ask you to give a brief description of what has happened and may ask you a couple of easy to answer questions to clarify what the problem might be. Our electricians will ask you to try a few simple and safe basic electrical troubleshooting techniques (like resetting the circuit breaker) to try to correct the problem.

Fixing problems with electrical circuits

If the problem still exists they will have all the necessary information about the issue and will have already tried several of the fundamental electrical troubleshooting techniques. This will save you time and money if our Mesa electricians are dispatched for service. All repairs made while troubleshooting electrical problems in your home are guaranteed for life and don’t forget to ask for your free home electrical safety inspection too.

Dolce Electric Co has been voted best electrician Mesa AZ and would be proud to earn your vote as well. For more help give our in-office electricians in Mesa AZ a call and get a free consultation about your troublesome electrical circuits, you will be happy you did!

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Fixing Electrical Problems

Ever wonder why there is a need to repair wiring circuits? These circuits have few moving parts, yet all electrical circuits are vulnerable to failures, breakdowns and malfunctions. There are 3 primary reasons why the need to repair power circuits can arise:

The quality of the components used:

When you think of troubleshooting electrical circuits you may think of repairing the wiring but rarely is there a failure with the actual wire. More often than not the problem is going to be a component, like a circuit breaker, that stops working or a wire connection that has come loose where the wire nut has failed. In rare cases where the actual wire is the problem it will usually be a wire that has been exposed to the elements of nature. An example would be in underground power circuits for pool equipment where water has entered the conduit and compromised the wire’s insulation and created a short circuit. Another rare occurrence is exposure to heat from an over-sized light bulb below the wiring in the ceiling that has baked the insulation off the wire (heat rises). In both cases the wire itself did not fail but rather the insulation. Dolce Electric Co prides itself on using only the highest quality components available. Our Mesa electricians are experts at fixing commercial and residential wiring circuits and use brand name parts like Square D and General Electric which enable us to guarantee each job for life.

The quality of workmanship when installed:

The dependability of your wiring system is directly related to the experience of the electrician that did the original installation. This includes the care and attention to detail that was given throughout the installation process. Aside from the original installation, any modification, improvement or reworking of your wiring system opens up the opportunity for errors again depending on experience and attention to details provided by the electrician. Sometimes successfully repairing electrical circuits can be as simple as tightening a screw or splice that was left too loose during the installation or improvement process. Locating it is another issue however and that is where the experience of our electricians in Mesa will save you time and money.

Wear and tear on the components:

Wear and tear is defined as inevitable damage that occurs as a result of normal usage. When looking for electrical problems in circuits, it can be helpful to know where the greatest use has been taking place at.

Example: You have lost power to several outlets in your kitchen but one outlet is constantly used for your lap top computer, cell phone charger and other devices. This is a prime place to begin your search for the electrical problem because you are constantly plugging things in and out of that outlet causing vibrations which over time can loosen the screws that connect the wires. Plugging things in and out also expands and contracts the connecting prongs which can weaken the spring tension strength of the contact prongs. This weak spring tension can create heating and cooling of the outlet causing the metal to expand and contract just enough to loosen the connections over time.

Before you begin looking for problems in electrical circuits, always think about the most actively use outlets or switches. This is one of several fundamental electrical troubleshooting techniques but one of the best electrical troubleshooting tips there is.

How Can I Get Started?

Give our in-office electrician in Mesa AZ a call and he will consult with you free of charge to try to resolve your problem. If the issue you are facing cannot be resolved with our free over the phone help he will schedule an electrical troubleshooting expert to quickly come out and fix the problem. Our Mesa electricians offer same day service and weekend and evening appointments are available too.

The experts at Dolce Electric Co have been voted the best electricians in Mesa AZ and we would be proud to earn your vote too. All repairs are guaranteed for life and don’t forget to print a coupon for your free home electrical safety inspection.

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