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Refrigerator Power Losses

Are you experiencing an electrical issue that has left your refrigerator without power? You can consult with our local in-office electrician in Mesa AZ free of charge. Voted best electrician Mesa AZ, he will answer all of your questions about refrigerator power losses and ask you to try a few simple and safe correction methods over the phone that may resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be cleared up over the phone our local electricians in Mesa AZ can be scheduled for immediate service. Call today; you’ll be happy you did!

About Power Losses To Refrigerators

The very first thing to verify is that the receptacle where the refrigerator is plugged in has lost power. You can check this by plugging in another device like a small lamp if you don’t have a voltage tester to check for power. If you have power at the refrigerator’s receptacle an appliance repair man will be needed but if no power is present it will need to be restored.

Restoring Power

Refrigerator power losses

There are two things you can try before scheduling an electrician to correct the power loss:

  1. Check for a tripped circuit breaker:
    It’s possible that your circuit breaker has tripped and needs to be reset. See our reset circuit breaker page for additional help.
  2. Check your GFI receptacles:
    These are the power outlets with the test and reset buttons on them. If you discover a tripped GFI outlet try resetting it. If resetting it restores your power great, but you should make arrangements to change the refrigerator’s GFI power to regular power.
Warning symbol

Refrigerators and freezers should never be plugged into GFI outlets or outlets with GFI protection. These devices are too sensitive and can cause financial losses due to spoiled food when they cut power unknowingly. All too often, additional refrigerators and freezers in garages will be plugged into the garage’s convenience outlets but they are GFI protected as well. To correct this, an additional electrical circuit without GFI protection (designated just for the refrigerator or freezer) will be required. Contact our local Mesa electricians for more details.

If you can’t restore the power to the outlet that your refrigerator plugs into, the services of our Mesa AZ electricians will be required. We understand that a refrigerator without power is a priority and we will make every effort to restore your refrigerator power as soon as possible. Until your electrician arrives you can use a heavy duty extension cord to plug the refrigerator into a working outlet.

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