Swimming Pool Pump Filter Timer Clock Replacement

Consult With Our In Office Pool ElectricianSwimming pool electrical wiring problems? You can consult with our local swimming pool electricians in Mesa free of charge. Dolce Electric Company has scheduled a local electrician in Mesa AZ for today, Wednesday, May 27th, 2020, from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Voted best electricians Mesa AZ, he will answer all of your questions about pool wiring repairs, pool time clock replacements and any other electrical questions you may have. Give our local Mesa AZ electricians a call today; you will be happy you did!

Learn About Wiring Repairs and Pool Timer Troubleshooting

Pool Pump Timer And Electrical Box WiringTroubleshooting a problem in your swimming pool electrical system can be narrowed down to five possible components, aside from the power supply wires, that may be causing the problem. They are listed below in sequence but should be investigated by qualified pool electricians. Keep safety in mind and remember that we are working with water and electricity.

  1. Circuit Breaker:

    Make sure your circuit breaker is delivering the proper voltage to the pool time clock. Make sure the wires are securely tightened to the circuit breaker. Also inspect behind the breaker for a loose connection to the buss bar. Replace if necessary.

    Note: If your pool circuit breaker is tripping try shutting off all motors, timers and lights associated with the swimming pool electrical system and try resetting the circuit breaker. Doing this isolates the equipment from the power supply wiring attached to the circuit breaker. If it trips again you most likely have a problem with the underground pool wiring that supplies power to the pool equipment.

    Some systems have a separate pool electrical box just for pool circuit breakers. In these cases turn off all of the circuit breakers in the pool box and try resetting the circuit breaker in your main electrical panel. Doing this isolates the equipment from the supply wiring that is connected to the main pool circuit breaker. If it trips again you most likely have a problem with the underground wiring.

  2. Pump Filter Timer Clock:

    220 Volt Outdoor Time ClockAlso known as a pool timer, pool pump timer or pool filter timer, it energizes and de-energizes the pool motor so make sure that it is working properly. Verify that the correct voltage is coming into and leaving the pool time clock. If the correct voltage is coming in but not leaving a pool timer replacement will be needed.

  3. Motor Disconnect Switch:

    This switch is usually located very close to the motor; it is a safety device that protects you by insure the power is shut off when you are working on the motor. Make sure the incoming and leaving voltage is correct. If the voltage leaving the switch is not correct replace the switch.

  4. Wires From Disconnect to Motor:

    Often overlooked, the wiring between the disconnect switch and the motor can develop problems. The pool pump wiring is encased in a flexible conduit for vibrations caused by the motor. Make sure these wires are working properly.

  5. The Motor:

    Check the voltage at the motor, if it is correct you may want to bring your pool motor into a motor repair shop for inspection.

If you have a question about an electrical problem with your pool, Dolce Electric Co schedules an electrician Mesa AZ homeowners and commercial clients can consult with free of charge. With a little information they may be able to tell you what the problem is over the telephone and save you the time and expense of a service call. Our in-office experts in Mesa are available today, Wednesday, May 27th, 2020, from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

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Short Circuits

Short circuits can happen anywhere but they are more likely to happen in underground conduits. Why? A conduit that is underground is more likely to contain moisture than an above ground conduit. When enough moisture is present, like after a heavy rain, water can build up in these conduits and cause short circuits in your swimming pool’s underground wiring through nicks and deterioration of the wire’s insulation. In some cases the short circuit will magically go away once the water dissipates only to return with the next downpour. Every time this happens the damage increases until finally the wiring fails completely.

Sometimes temporary solutions can be achieved by rotating the phases of the wires or turning a hot wire into a neutral wire and a neutral wire into a hot wire but this should only be attempted by a qualified pool electrician. Eventually the wires will need replacing. Sometimes they can be pulled through the existing conduit and other times they cannot. If the existing wires can be pulled out there is a possibility that new wires can be installed. If they are unable to be removed a new conduit will be required.

Dolce Electric Co has been voted the best Mesa electricians and we would be proud to earn your vote too. Our experts professionally evaluate each situation and save you money where we can. If our technicians see a safe option that can save you money they will share it with you and let you make the final decision. Call today during business hours if you would like a free evaluation.

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