Kitchen Lighting Ideas, Design Tips and Recessed Layout

Kitchen Lighting DesignDo you have an interest in kitchen lighting? You can consult with our local in-office Mesa electrician free of charge. He has over 30 years of professional experience with all kinds of lighting in the kitchen including recessed kitchen lighting, kitchen island lighting, under cabinet lighting and kitchen chandeliers. He will answer all of your questions and provide you with the information and professional tips you’re looking for to make your kitchen lighting design both beautiful and functional. Give our local Mesa AZ electricians a call today, Tuesday, July 7th, 2020, to get help with your kitchen lighting ideas.

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Kitchen Lighting Layout

The first thing that needs to be decided when doing your kitchen lighting layout is where you would like to have more light. While saying “in the kitchen” identifies the room, more precise locations such as above the sink or over the counter tops will inspire kitchen lighting ideas with defined objectives and deliver a much more functional result.

Your kitchen’s arrangement (the placement of your sink, cabinets, stove and so on) is the primary benchmark to base your kitchen ceiling lighting layout off of. The centers of your upper cabinets are an excellent guide to use for recessed kitchen lighting. Your sink or stove top may be a place to center another recessed light. Do you have an island in your kitchen? This can be used as another reference point to install kitchen ceiling lights like pendant lights, kitchen chandeliers or other light fixtures. The idea is to organize your kitchen lighting design in an orderly pattern that has a beneficial relationship to your kitchen’s layout while addressing your individual needs.

Kitchen Lighting To Consider

There are four types of kitchen lighting to consider and a number of ways to fulfill the needs of each type of lighting:

  • General Lighting:
    Also known as ambient light, its purpose is to deliver adequate illumination throughout the entire kitchen. It should be evenly distributed with a recommended light level of 35+ lumens per square foot.
  • Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting:
    Used to increase functionality with a concentration of light above the counter tops. Suggested light levels are 150+ lumens per square foot. See our under cabinet lighting page to learn more and get professional tips.
  • Kitchen Island Lighting:
    Used as general and task lighting above the island, these lights should deliver 75+ lumens per square foot but be on a separate switch and dimmable. See our kitchen island lighting page to learn more and get professional tips.
  • Kitchen Accent Lighting:
    Its purpose is primarily decorative. Objectives can include emphasizing architectural or interior design elements such as plants, pictures and cabinets. Recommended light output is 100+ lumens per square foot.

General lighting in the kitchen is typically considered as a primary objective while other kitchen lights like accent and under the cabinet lights are more often than not a secondary consideration and not all kitchens have an island. To get more information about a specific kind of light in your kitchen click on the links above.

A good kitchen lighting design will consider fixture placement that utilizes the fixture for multiple uses. A good example of this is placing your kitchen recessed lighting above the forward portion of your counter tops. This strategic placement acts as both general lighting throughout the kitchen and above the counter top lighting.

Are you looking for kitchen lighting ideas? Dolce Electric Co schedules an electrician Mesa AZ homeowners can consult with free of charge for professional kitchen lighting tips and assistance with designs. Our in-office electricians in Mesa AZ are available today, Tuesday, July 7th, 2020, from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

General Kitchen Lighting

General kitchen lighting takes into account the overall light level throughout your entire kitchen. A good design will distribute light evenly and consistently throughout the whole area without shadows or glare while blending in with the style of your decor. Its main purpose is to illuminate the room for safe navigation but when a dimmer switch is added it can also be used to set the perfect mood. Recessed lighting is the most popular choice when it comes to lighting for kitchen areas but other options like fluorescent and kitchen track lights can also be used.

Kitchen Lighting Tips
  • Tip #1:
    The most common mistake when lighting a kitchen is using just one large central light source in the center of the room. This will guarantee unwanted shadows and poor light throughout the area. General lighting in the kitchen should be spread out in an orderly pattern with a beneficial relationship to your kitchens layout.
  • Tip #2:
    Switch it up, having separate switches for different lights gives you control and the ability to add character to the space. General, island, accent and under the counter top light fixtures can all be controlled with separate dimmer switches and used as needed.
How Much Light Do I Need?

General lighting in the kitchen should deliver about 35 lumens per square foot evenly throughout the entire area. Lumen output can be found on the light bulb packaging.

Kitchen recessed lighting is the most popular type of general light fixtures. A 6-inch recessed fixture with a 75 watt light bulb delivers 900 lumens per fixture.

As an example, let’s take a kitchen that measures about 11 feet X 14 feet for a total 154 square feet. This would require 6 recessed fixtures. (154 square feet X 35 lumens per square foot = 5390 total lumens needed) (5390 lumens divided by 900 lumens per fixture = 5.988 fixtures)

It’s always best to round up in fixture count because more light is better than not enough and a dimmer switch can always be used to adjust light levels down if needed. The same calculation can be used for fluorescent and even track lights, just keep in mind that a minimum of 35 evenly distributed lumens per square foot is recommended.

If you would like help in determining how many fixtures to install, Dolce Electric Co schedules a local electrician in Mesa AZ that homeowners can consult with free of charge. Our in-office electrician is available today, Tuesday, July 7th, 2020, during regular business hours.

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Simple, give us a call! Our experts have been voted best local electricians Mesa AZ and our in-office electrician has over 30 years of professional experience. He is available for you to consult with free of charge during office hours and will answer all of your questions and help you with your kitchen lighting ideas. He will also provide you with a free estimate for a professional lighting job. Call our Mesa electricians today between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM; you’ll be happy you did!

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