Kitchen Lighting Ideas, Design Tips and Recessed Layout

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Kitchen Lighting Layout

The first thing that needs to be decided when doing your kitchen lighting layout is where you would like to have more light. While saying “in the kitchen” identifies the room, more precise locations such as above the sink or over the counter tops will inspire kitchen lighting ideas with defined objectives and deliver a much more functional result.

Your kitchen’s arrangement (the placement of your sink, cabinets, stove and so on) is the primary benchmark to base your kitchen ceiling lighting layout off of. The centers of your upper cabinets are an excellent guide to use for recessed kitchen lighting. Your sink or stove top may be a place to center another recessed light. Do you have an island in your kitchen? This can be used as another reference point to install kitchen ceiling lights like pendant lights, kitchen chandeliers or other light fixtures. The idea is to organize your kitchen lighting design in an orderly pattern that has a beneficial relationship to your kitchen’s layout while addressing your individual needs.

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