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About Kitchen Island Lighting

Good lighting above your kitchen island is an essential component in making your island both functional and inviting. An island is often the heart of the home where meals are enjoyed, food is prepared and family gatherings are held. The most common mistake is not making the island bright enough, without good lighting above kitchen island areas the space is less functional and not as inviting as it could be.

There are basically 4 kinds of lighting fixtures for kitchen islands that you may want to consider while pondering different lighting ideas. Each one has a style of its own but a separate dimmer switch is always recommended to control your island lights apart from your general lighting. The 4 primary types of kitchen island lights are discussed below.

Kitchens and Island Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting over kitchen island areas is the most popular style of kitchen island lighting. Available in a color, size and style that’s sure to compliment your décor, the choices are seemingly limitless. Kitchen island pendant lighting is a great way to introduce color and character into the area too. In this picture the pendant lights are the focal point of the room.

There are a few rules of thumb that you may want to consider if you have decided on pendant lighting for kitchen island areas.

  • The Rule of Three or Odd Numbers:
    The easiest way to achieve well balanced lighting over kitchen islands is to repeat the fixture 3 or an odd number of times (space permitting). Odd numbered patters are said to be more pleasing to the human eye because they establish a rhythm and sense of balance. Since island pendant lighting is our selected method, an odd number of identical pendant lights would be recommended. With one fixture centered and the rest symmetrically spaced out, the island lighting is balanced both in placement and illumination.
  • Size and Scale:
    The amount of light needed and the size of the pendant lights always supersedes all other kitchen island lighting rules including the rule of three. In general, bigger is better a achieve powerful visual statements and smaller pendants can get lost amongst other competing elements in the space. In most cases it’s best to select the biggest pendants that still proportionately flow with the scale of the room but be careful not to make a defined barrier that separates the space. Also keep in mind that heavier looking fixtures appear physically larger and lighter looking fixtures appear smaller, adjust accordingly to accommodate your island lighting ideas.
  • Spacing:
    Typically a collection of pendants will be used when lighting your kitchen island, and spacing them in proportion with the area and their size is crucial for a well-balanced installation. While there is no designated correct spacing there is a helpful little trick. Simulate your over island kitchen lighting with balloons. Blown up to the size of your pendant lights, tape them from the ceiling on string at the appropriate height and adjust the spacing until it looks its best. Using an odd numbered pattern, the center balloon will be the benchmark to space off of.
  • How High Up:
    Kitchen pendant lighting is typically mounted with the bottom of the fixture at 36 to 40 inches above the island surface when seating is available and around 30 inches up when it is a utilitarian island. These are general rules of thumb for kitchen island lighting and actual fixture height can be adjusted in accordance with your height.

For more island pendant lighting ideas and tips you can consult with the electricians Mesa AZ homeowners have voted best free of charge. Our local electricians in Mesa AZ are available to answer all of your questions and share ideas about kitchen island lighting between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM today, Wednesday, May 27th, 2020. Give them a call during regular office hours; you’ll be happy you did!


Chandeliers are another excellent option for lighting kitchen island areas. When selecting the style of your chandeliers, be sure to keep the height and width of the chandelier in mind. Here are 2 rules of thumb you can use when sizing chandeliers for kitchen lighting over island areas:

  • Width:
    A chandelier that’s well balanced will be between 50% and 75% of the width of your island. Chandeliers that look heavier are typically sized more towards 50% because they appear to be larger in size. Lighter looking chandeliers can favor 75% because visually the illusion is that they are smaller.
  • Height:
    The height of your chandelier (how tall the actual fixture is) can be determined by applying 2-1/2 to 3 inches to the height of your chandelier for every one foot of ceiling height. A 25 to 30 inch tall chandelier would compliment a 10 foot ceiling well. As previously mentioned, style can influence which end of the size spectrum you like best.

A kitchen chandelier that’s sized in proportion with your island will not overwhelm the island or stand out like a sore thumb but compliment the island in size and style.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed island lighting for kitchens is another option. Unlike chandeliers or pendants, kitchen recessed lighting does not hang down and break up the room. Recessed lighting is ideal in smaller kitchens with lower ceilings. Recessed kitchen lighting is available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 inches in diameter and finish trims (the part you actually see) come in a large variety of colors and styles.

Track Lights

Modern decorating themes can be complimented well when track lighting is used for kitchen island lights. Surface mounted or suspended, track lighting is versatile and is available in numerous colors and styles. It can be dimmed and track lights can be either low voltage or line voltage.

How Much Light Will I Need?

A good rule of thumb is 75 lumens for every square foot of island area. Lumens are listed on the packaging of each light bulb. An island measuring 3.5 feet wide by 9 feet long would require 2362.5 lumens. (3.5 feet X 9 feet = 31.5 square feet) (31.5 square feet X 75 lumens = 2362.5 lumens)

Let’s assume that you are considering pendant lights that use 60 watt light bulbs and deliver 790 lumens each. You would need a minimum of 3 pendant lights because 790 lumens X 3 pendant lights = 2370 total lumens. More can be added to balance the space but again try to keep it an odd number.

For more information on kitchen island lights and island lighting ideas you can consult with our local in-office Mesa electricians without expense from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM today, Wednesday, May 27th, 2020. Free estimates are offered too.

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