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GFI Outlet Keeps Tripping Or Won’t Reset

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About Problems With GFI Outlets

GFI outlet that is not working

Unlike a normal power outlet, which simply makes electricity available, ground fault interrupting outlets are also constantly monitoring the electrical power they provide. They are safety devices that shut down immediately when even the smallest difference is detected between the electricity leaving and the electricity returning through the device. This tripping is designed to prevent accidental electrocution. This difference is often referred to as leakage when the GFI outlet shuts down before someone gets electrocuted.

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How To Fix A GFI That Keeps Tripping Or Can’t Be Reset

While the problem is apparent, being that the device is not operational, there a 3 possible things that could be causing this.

1. No Power To The Device:

The first thing to check for is if any of your circuit breakers have tripped. The buttons on these devices will not work properly if they do not have power going to them. Try resetting the tripped circuit breaker and then try pushing the reset button on the ground fault interrupter. If the device energizes you are done, if not continue to step two.

2. Something Faulty Is Plugged Into The Circuit:

If all of your circuit breakers are turned on and the ground fault interrupter still will not reset, try unplugging everything on the circuit. This can include landscape lights, outdoor fountains and other things plugged in both inside and outside of your home. Once you have unplugged everything on the circuit try pushing the reset button on the device. If the device energizes you have a problem with something that was plugged into that circuit and the ground fault interrupting outlet is doing its job correctly.

3. The Device Is Worn Out:

If everything on the circuit has been unplugged and all circuit breakers are turned on but the device still will not reset, you most likely need a new ground fault circuit interrupting receptacle installed. While it’s possible that there is a wiring problem, 99% of the time it is a case of the device being worn out.

Note: The National Electrical Code requires ground fault interruption protection in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, in all outdoor areas and any other place where water may be present. Never replace a GFI with a regular outlet or bypass it, there proper installation keeps you safe.

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