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Garbage Disposal Not Working? How To Fix, Repair, Troubleshooting

Garbage disposal stopped working? You can consult with the local Mesa electricians at Dolce Electric Co free of charge. Voted best electricians Mesa AZ, they will ask you to try a few simple and safe garbage disposal repair and garbage disposal troubleshooting techniques over the phone. Our in-office electrician in Mesa AZ might be able to tell you how to resolve the problem and save you the cost of a service call. Call him today; you will be happy you did!

My Garbage Disposal Stopped

The first thing to identify when fixing a garbage disposal is does it make any noise or not when you try to turn it on. Garbage disposal repair on units that make a humming noise and will not turn represent a jammed flywheel. Fixing garbage disposals that make no noise when attempting to turn them on represents an electrical repair problem.

How to fix your garbage disposal, troubleshooting
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How To Fix Your Garbage Disposal

No Noise – Electrical Repair Problem:

  1. Make sure your disposal is plugged in. Most of the time, only half of the outlet will be controlled by the on and off switch.
  2. Once you have confirmed that the disposal is plugged in, try pushing the reset button. (It is located on the bottom of the disposal) Now try flipping the on and off switch.
  3. If pushing the reset button worked you are done. If however, a humming noise is heard the flywheel is jammed and will need to be cleared. If nothing changed check to see if the electrical outlet has power. If power is present on the switched half of the receptacle and you pushed the reset button but it still does not work you will most likely need a new garbage disposal. If no power is present at the electrical outlet continue following these remaining steps.
  4. Check for a tripped circuit breaker. If a tripped breaker is discovered reset it and try the on and off switch again.
  5. The on and off switch: Sometimes these switches go bad and need to be replaced. This will often be indicated when half of the outlet has electrical power all the time but the other half cannot be energized when flipping the garbage disposal switch. Turn off the circuit breaker and replace the disposals on and off switch if necessary.
  6. The outlet: The power outlet can wear out too and might need to be replaced. When replacing these outlets keep in mind that often one half is switched for the disposal and the other half is always on, usually for a dishwasher. This will require removing the brass colored jumper located between the two brass screws on the receptacle and attaching the hot wire to one screw and the switched wire to the other brass screw. The neutral or white wire gets attached to a silver screw (do not remove the silver jumper). The green or bare wire goes to the green grounding screw. Remember to shut off the circuit breaker or breakers energizing this outlet before beginning.


If these measures have not resolved your garbage disposal problems or you do not feel comfortable attempting them, you can contact our local electricians in Mesa AZ for a service call. Appointment are available between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Making A Humming Noise – Jammed Flywheel Repair:

The following steps will tell you how to fix garbage disposals that make a humming noise because of a jammed flywheel.

  1. Turn off the garbage disposal and unplug it. You need to be absolutely certain that the power is off before attempting this type of garbage disposal repair.
  2. Insert the offset wrench that came with the unit into the flywheel wrench hole (located in the center of the bottom of the unit). For most units a ¼ inch Allen wrench or hex key will work too. Turn it back and forth until the flywheel obstruction is dislodged. Remove the wrench and carefully remove the obstruction inside the unit if possible. With the switch still off, plug the disposal in again and push the reset button. You are now ready to try the switch but be ready to quickly turn it off again, the disposal could still have an obstruction. Be sure to run the water when energizing.
  3. Some obstruction are larger and worse than others. If using the wrench does not dislodge the obstruction you may have to insert a stick into the drain hole and force against the grinding mechanism. Again, make sure the disposal is unplugged and the power switch is turned off before attempting this repair. Once dislodged, remove the stick and carefully reach in the drain hole and try to remove the obstruction. With the switch still off, plug the disposal in again and push the reset button. You are ready to try the on and off switch but be ready to turn it off again quickly in case part of the obstruction remains. Make sure the water is running before energizing.

Dolce Electric Co provides a local electrician Mesa AZ homeowners and businesses can call and consult with free of charge for garbage disposal not working issues. Our Mesa AZ electricians are available for on-site garbage disposal repair (electrical only) between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Call them during regular business hours today; you will be happy you did!