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About Lighting in your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the one place in your home that’s all about your personal needs and comfort and the lighting is a key element in creating your perfect sanctuary. Having the proper lighting can help you to relax and get a good night’s sleep or set a romantic atmosphere but you also need to be able to increase light levels when you’re getting dressed, you don’t want to leave your home with one brown and one black sock on. So how can the lighting in your bedroom go from functional to fashionable with the flip of a switch?

A well designed mixture of general and task lighting that takes into account your age and lifestyle is most likely the solution you’re looking for. This will give you an atmosphere of peaceful relaxation with the ability to increase light levels in certain areas for reading, getting dressed and other activities. Keep in mind that dimmer controlled lights give you the flexibility to adjust your light levels to accommodate different moods and activities.

A Few Questions You May Want To Explore Before Choosing Your Bedroom Lights

  • Does your bedroom have enough light to get dressed with?
  • Does your closet have enough light?
  • Can you determine the colors of clothes in your drawers with your current lights?
  • Are you using one source of overhead ceiling lighting for the entire room?
  • Are your overhead bedroom light fixtures dimmer controlled?
  • Do you have a switch or light source near the door?
  • Do you read in bed and would reading lights be helpful?
  • Do you put your makeup on in the bedroom and is the lighting adequate?

These are some of the questions that many homeowners find they need solutions for. If you have a particular need for improved lighting in your bedroom you can consult with our local Mesa AZ electricians free of charge today, Tuesday, July 7th, 2020, from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. They will answer all of your questions and provide you with the proven solutions you’re looking for.

General Lighting in your Bedroom

General bedroom lighting, also referred to as ambient lighting, radiates a soft amount of illumination evenly throughout the room without glare. Bedroom ceiling lights typically account for the main lighting in the room but lamps and other bedroom light fixtures can be both useful and decorative. Several different techniques exist to deliver adequate general lighting in your bedroom and below are a few bedroom ceiling lighting ideas for your consideration:

  • Central Overhead Bedroom Lights:
    These can include ceiling fans with lights, decorative surface mounted fixtures or chandeliers. Try to avoid placement directly over the bed to reduce glare when looking up. Notably, some bedrooms due to size will have the fixture located over the bed, dimmer switches and diffused lights are recommended for such cases.
  • Recessed Lighting:
    Strategically placed, recessed lighting delivers ample light with a clean and unobstructed look. They are a top choice amongst lighting designers because they are spread out, opposed to one central light source, smoothing out the overall illumination and reducing shadows. If you are using a ceiling fan in your bedroom be sure your recessed lights are positioned away from the fan, you don’t want the appearance of a helicopter flying overhead.
  • Track Lights:
    Positioned in a similar manor as recessed lights but primarily used in bedrooms with a more modern décor or in an area where recessed lights cannot be fitted. There are thousands of styles of track lighting available but be careful not to install track lights that produce excessive heat especially if you have lower ceilings.

The right choice is a personal decision, there is no correct technique because it really depends on your taste and needs. Sometimes larger bedrooms will incorporate two or more techniques to get the right look and light output but the use of dimmer switches is always advisable.

How Much Light Do I Need?

Most experts agree that between 20 and 25 lumens per square foot is correct for bedroom lighting.

Let’s take a bedroom that measures 14 feet long by 14 feet wide as an example.

  • Take 14 feet and multiply it by 14 feet giving you 196 square feet (14 x 14 = 196sf).
  • Take 196 square feet and multiply it by 20 lumens per square foot resulting in 3920 total lumens needed (196 x 20 = 3920).
  • Lastly divide 3920 by the lumen output of the lamps you are planning on using.

In this room four recessed fixtures using 65 watt lamps (635 lumens each or 2540 lumens) and a ceiling fan with two 60 watt lamps (780 lumens each or 1560 lumens) would be perfect (2540 + 1560 = 4100 total lumens). Separate dimmer switches would be recommended for additional ambiance. Bedrooms with darker colored ceilings and walls will have less reflective light so you may want to consider being closer to 25 lumens per square foot if your room has been decorated with darker colors.

  • Age and Lighting
    As we age the pupils of our eyes decrease in diameter making it harder to see in dim lighting. Additionally, they adjust slower to variations in light making glaring light more uncomfortable. On average a 60 year old person needs 3 times more light to read than a 20 year old. This natural aging process becomes noticeable in most of us around age 40. For maximum comfort and functionality, adults crossing the 40 year mark should consider increasing lighting levels substantially with diffused lighting along with dimmer switches to adjust light levels as the aging process continues.

If you would like help figuring out how much light you need in your bedroom you can contact our local Mesa electricians to do precise calculations for you. They are available free of charge from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM today, Tuesday, July 7th, 2020.

Bedside Lighting

When you think of task lighting you might think of your bathroom mirror or kitchen counter tops but bedside lighting is another form of task lighting. Not so long ago bedside lighting meant either a nightstand lamp or rigging up something off a drafting table, how times have changed. Today’s bedside lights are both stylish and functional giving you the light you need to read but also the control to set a mood in your bedroom.

  • Bedroom Wall Lights:
    Often referred to as sconce lighting, these free up table space and bring a touch of elegance to the bedroom. They are commonly used in elaborate hotel suites, distinguished restaurants and stunning offices. Adding bedroom wall lights on each side of your bed provides the light you need for reading while offering an illustrious look to your bedroom.
  • Hanging Pendant Lights:
    Hanging from the ceiling and hovering on each side of your bed, decorative pendant lights are another excellent solution for reading lights in bed. Available in thousands of sizes, shapes and colors pendant lighting can be used to enhance the décor of your bedroom while freeing up space on you nightstands.
  • Recessed Lighting:
    When it comes to reading the best light comes from above. Recessed lighting is installed overhead in the ceiling and it’s strategically positioned to provide the perfect lighting for reading in bed. The use of spot lights (opposed to flood lights) keeps the light focused on its side of the bed while leaving the other side virtually unaffected. Dramatic in nature its subtle presence delivers exceptional illumination for reading and it can be dimmed for setting a romantic mood as well.
  • Track Lighting:
    Also installed overhead, track lighting can succeed where recessed lighting just can’t be put in. It is surface mounted so it can be installed in bedrooms where no attic is present and its lights pivot so it works well with flat or angled ceilings.
  • Bedside Lamps:
    Sometimes less is more. Traditional bedside lamps are still an excellent solution for bedtime reading. Smaller rooms typically won’t carry sconce lights well and pendant lights take up space. Rooms that don’t have a flat ceiling are not good candidates for recessed lighting above the bed either and sometimes track lighting just won’t blend in to your décor. If you opt to use lamps consider purchasing ones with well diffused light to reduce harsh glare and discomfort to your eyes.

All of the above methods of bedside lighting are effective and add another dimension of lighting to your bedroom. Individual dimmer switches located on each side of the bed are recommended for convenient control without getting out of bed. Remember to take your age and ability to see into consideration when selecting bedside lighting.

Other Options
  • Accent Lighting:
    Accent lighting is used to generate focus on an object in the room and increase beauty. It adds another dimension to your lighting and places emphasis where you want it. Uses include highlighting paintings, sculptures, fireplaces and pictures to name a few. Accent lighting methods used are primarily recessed, track or wall-mounted picture lights. Their light output is typically three times the power of the surrounding general lighting.
  • Bedroom Cove Lighting:
    Mysteriously stylish, cove lighting is truly a hidden treasure. The actual fixture is not seen as it emits a warm and even glow for a theatrical effect. It can be installed on top of ledges and plant shelves, inside recesses in walls and in crown moldings around ceilings. Cove lighting can be used to showcase your bedroom or set the perfect atmosphere.
  • Bedroom Closet Lighting:
    Inadequate closet lighting remains a top complaint from owners of homes both new and old. From reach-in to walk-in even the best organized closets need good lighting to be functional and efficient. While some closets are blessed with a single light fixture, usually blocking precious shelf space, others remain a daily challenge. The good news is there are options and solutions available. See our closet lighting page for a solution that will fit your needs.

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