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Bathroom Lighting Ideas

The best lighting ideas are the ones that address your needs in a style that compliments your decor. While lighting improvements in your master bathroom are most likely what you’re interested in, the following bathroom lighting design ideas can be applied to your children’s bathroom with a simpler and more functional approach or your guest restroom with a more decorative flair.

  • Important note:
    You should consider your age when exploring different lighting ideas and designs. As we age we experience something called neural degeneration in our eyes. This basically means that our eyes require more light to see well with each passing year. On average, by age 65 we need twice as much light to see as well as we did at age 20. These age considerations should be taken into account for your bathroom lighting design and lighting levels starting at around age 40.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Your bathroom vanity lighting should be the focal point in every bathroom. A well-lit mirror will assist you when putting on makeup, shaving, cleaning and getting dressed. Your bathroom vanity lights should provide an abundant and evenly distributed amount of light over your face, hair and neck without any shadows being cast upon your facial features.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Methods

  • Centered Bathroom Ceiling Lights:
    Many homes have been built with one or more light fixtures in the center of the ceiling. Some have been updated with recessed fixtures or decorative chandeliers. These types of bathroom lighting fixtures are useful for general lighting purposes but won’t serve you well at your mirror because they place your face in the shadow with the light source behind you.
  • Recessed Bathroom Lighting:
    Attractive and helpful in many ways but to be used in conjunction with other fixtures. Used alone, bathroom recessed lighting placed in front of and above your mirror will produce shadows under your chin, nose and eyebrows yielding an unsatisfactory result.
  • Bar Lights:
    This is the most common type of bathroom vanity lighting but it’s still lacking because it leaves strong shadows again below your chin, nose and eyebrows.
  • Bathroom Sconce Lighting:
    This is the best way to provide vanity lighting because it produces ample and even amounts of light exactly where you want it. Sconce lights are typically installed on both sides of your mirror delivering a cross lighting affect that washes out shadows on facial features. The best sconces are 24 to 36 inches long, reasonably thin and installed vertically on both sides of your mirror. They should be diffused to eliminate glare and provide abundant light.

Small or large, the area in front of your mirror is your grooming headquarters and ample vanity lighting that’s even and shadow free will serve you best. Larger areas are best served with sconces on both sides of the mirror and additional bar or recessed bathroom lighting above the mirror.

For more help with vanity lighting contact our local Mesa AZ electricians free of charge. They are experts with lighting improvements and are available for you to consult with today, Tuesday, July 7th, 2020, from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

General Bathroom Lighting

Today’s bathrooms, unlike those built in the past with small centered ceiling lights, are much brighter and more functional than their predecessors. Sometimes referred to as ambient lighting, your general lighting is the overall lighting that washes throughout the entire space. It should produce an even and adequate amount of light all over the entire area.

  • Bathroom Recessed Lighting:
    Blending in well with any decorating and keeping the area open, recessed lighting is common for general lighting in bathrooms of all sizes. Strategically placed bathroom recessed lighting provides an even wash of high quality light making it a top choice amongst lighting professionals.
  • Surface Mounted Bathroom Ceiling Lights:
    Updating your existing flush mount ceiling lights with a new one can brighten things up but be careful because more is more. Too much light from one source can be unpleasant and glaring. If you need a big boost in light, consider two or three smaller bathroom lights for a better spread of light and reduced glare.
  • Bathroom Track Lighting:
    Often used in rooms where recessed lights cannot be installed. Track lighting comes in a wide variety of colors and there are literally thousands of unique light fixtures that can mount to these tracks.
  • Bathroom Chandeliers:
    Sometimes used in larger bathrooms for a touch of elegance, bathroom chandeliers are usually used in addition to other lights. They should be placed away from wet and steamy areas for obvious safety reasons and controlled with dimmer switches.

The method of lighting you choose is a personal preference, there is no right or wrong but the recommended amount of light is consistent. Light is measured in lumens and most experts agree that general lighting in bathrooms should be at levels of between 45 and 50 lumens per square foot.

How much light do I need?

To determine how much light you need figure your square footage and multiply it by 45 lumens.

  • Let’s take a 10 foot long by 5 foot wide bathroom as an example.
  1. Length multiplied by width equals square footage (10 x 5 = 50 square feet).
  2. Next multiply square feet by lumens per square foot to get total lumens needed (50 square feet x 45 lumens = 2250 total lumens).
  3. Now take total lumens and divide by the lumen output of each light bulb.

Assuming you are planning to use 2 recessed lights with a 65 watt light bulb delivering 635 lumens in each fixture (2 x 635 = 1270 lumens) and a bar light with four 40 watt bulbs delivering 280 lumens each (4 x 280 = 1120 lumens) you would have 2390 total lumens (1270 + 1120 = 2390 total lumens) making this suitable for the size of this room. Two dimmer switches would be recommended to individually control light levels.

Other Lighting Focal Points in your Bathroom

Once you have decided on your bathroom vanity lights you may want to consider other lighting focal points. These are secondary considerations for you to explore depending on your needs, room size and budget.

  • Recessed Shower Lights:
    Often overlooked, shower lighting provides an added dimension to the space with a practical solution to additional light while taking a shower. Shower lights are usually recessed lights that are centered in the shower area. Shower lights can be switched separately or with the general lighting. Enclosed showers and showers with lower ceilings should use shower light or wet location approved light trims to keep water and steam out. For safety, shower lighting should be powered with GFCI protected circuits.
  • Bathtub Lighting:
    From bathroom chandeliers to recessed fixtures, the lighting above your bathtub can be dimmed to set a relaxing mood or intensified if you like to read while taking a bath. It can be switched independently or with other fixtures.
  • Accent Lighting:
    Popular in master and guest bathrooms where you want added attention to a unique piece of art, a floral arrangement or an architectural focal point. It’s typically done with recessed bathroom ceiling lights but the use of track and up lights can also deliver impressive results.

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